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The Story of My Johnnie Blankets

When my girls were born, their "best friend" became their blankie. Their blankies brought so much comfort each time they laid their little heads down and heard my words "Sweet Dreams, baby", echo in their ears. And when I couldn't be there, their blankie took my place.

So, when their little brother was to be born, we all knew how important his "blankie" would be. He was the center of our prayers for years before he was created, and became the center of our lives as we watched him grow within my belly. We couldn't wait to hold our little "angel" in our arms.

Yet, God had other plans for our little "Johnnie".

He came into our world as quietly as he left. His home was not to be with was to be with God in Heaven. All I had left to hold in my arms when they gently carried him away, was my "Johnnie's" blankie left behind. In the quiet time of grief and sorrow, that precious blankie brought me so much peace and comfort.

I hope my "Johnnie's" blankies bring you the same joy...made with so much love.

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